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One of the biggest hurdles people face when haunting an apartment in Georgia is the income requirements. The majority of apartments you come across in Atlanta specifically require tenants to earn at least 2.5 times the monthly rent. For example, if you are trying to rent an apartment that costs $1,500 per month, the required monthly income would be $3,750 per month, which is quite high. It’s very rare that you come across an apartment here that doesn’t focus primarily on its income.

Rental history

You would think that his past wouldn’t play such a large role in renting an apartment, but it does. If you have evictions or outstanding balances with previous landlords, don’t even think about applying for an apartment here as they will turn you down. Next to a person’s income, a person’s history is another factor that rental agents pay close attention to. No matter how old or new the eviction/balance is, when your credit is pulled by these apartment complexes, they pay close attention to who you owe and that could play a huge role in whether you are refused or not. That being said, it is important to check your rental history before attempting to apply for an apartment.

Credit report

There are a few states where you can live where money talks, Georgia is unfortunately not one of them. When you are ready to apply, your credit history is also very important. Rental agents not only review your rental history, but they also pull your credit report. Do you have credit cards? A car note? Maybe unpaid collections? These are all things they are looking for. Your overall credit history is important because they want to see what your habits are and if you are unable to pay any of your other bills, in their eyes, how could you pay rent?


In conclusion, the overall requirements for apartments in Atlanta are quite high. So keep an eye on your income, rental history and overall credit report, if you’re interested in renting an apartment here.

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