Bain is considering acquisition of Boots UK by Walgreens

Walgreens Boots Alliance may be looking to sell its Boots pharmacies in the UK, with private equity firms likely the beneficiaries, according to a Forbes report on Saturday January 1.

Bain Capital reportedly approached Walgreens months ago to take over Boots, although Walgreens has not commented on the matter.

According to the report, Walgreens also looked at other options for its more than 2,000 Boots drugstores, with the company considering various spin-off options.

Along with the UK business reports, Walgreens has also spent billions on pharmacy operations in the US under the leadership of new CEO Roz Brewer, with $ 5.2 billion recently transferred to VillageMD to improve physician-staffed clinics. in the USA.

Brewer would have high hopes for the US operation and the strengthening of health care there.

“Imagine a day when 45% of our Walgreens stores – of the 9,100 stores that are within five miles of 75% of homes in the United States – where you can walk in and see a primary care doctor attached to a Walgreens. pharmacy, ”Brewer said in an interview last month at the Forbes Healthcare Summit.

Last month, PYMNTS also announced that the company was considering selling its 172-year-old Boots Alliance business.

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Walgreens are reportedly working with Goldman Sachs on the project, although things are still in their early stages in early December and the sale may not go through.

Boots has approximately 55,000 employees in its 2,200 stores in the UK. While Boots’ valuation may be at £ 10bn, it could be the biggest UK deal since the £ 15bn Asda and J Sainsbury merger was called off in 2019.

Boots could be worth between £ 10 billion and £ 12 billion, or around $ 16 billion, according to one analyst. However, another analyst said the value was around half of it.



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