British Gas admits mistake that could cause me to lose a new home | Consumer affairs

My daughter is at risk of having nowhere to live because of British Gas billing errors. Her landlord served a notice to sell the property she was renting, and she was unable to find any other property to rent locally. She decided to buy a house, but her mortgage application was refused because her credit report showed defaults on her British Gas account. She had installed a prepaid gas meter during the lockdown due to financial issues but unbeknownst to her there was a duplicate gas account in her name. This is what British Gas had declared in default. British Gas admitted this was a mistake, but did not remove the defaults. She is in danger of losing the house and no one seems to care.
SB, Newcastle

Your daughter is one of the countless people excluded from the real estate ladder due to billing errors by a third party. It is inexcusable that having identified an error, British Gas did not immediately correct it. The mistake, it turns out, is that the switch from a credit account to a prepaid gas meter last year was not made on the company’s system. This meant that the old credit account remained open and appeared to be in default. British Gas was able to modify the credit report instantly when I questioned it, just in time for your daughter to secure the mortgage.

Incorrect information on a credit report should be reported directly to the relevant credit reference agency. He can add a correction notice while he investigates. Lenders have a legal obligation to read such a notice, although it cannot change their position.

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