Don’t know these details about yourself? Some of them could affect your financial health …


Many of us are unaware of crucial personal information that could impact our lives. Part of this is due to technology and the ability to quickly record information on our phones and mobile devices, but if we didn’t have access to it, what key information about ourselves should we know?

We have found out what important personal information the British do not know about themselves.

In a recent survey, Admiral Loans asked consumers if they knew key elements of their own financial and lifestyle information and found that many of those polled struggled with this aspect of “the adult”.

Researched ONS data showed that nearly 32 million * Britons are unaware of personal data and information that could have serious consequences for their finances and health. The results of the Admiral Loans survey show that 62% of Britons were asked to provide information in the past year they couldn’t remember.

By ignoring key information, such as credit scores, credit card statements, and financial balances, you could risk having financial hardship, ignoring that you have a low credit score or even a CCJ in your life. name.. 57% of those surveyed did not know their credit rating, which is essential for loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.

The personal information that people have the most difficulty remembering is their NHS number, 78% admitted not knowing it. This is something that was not essential to know in the past, however, it was necessary more recently as it is a requirement for vaccination documents or “Covid passports” following the Covid pandemic -19.

The piece of financial The information most Britons ignore is their pension funds, with 63% admitting they didn’t know how much money they had in their pensions. Credit score was the second financial piece of information that most Britons didn’t know about themselves – with almost six in ten respondents not knowing this information.

How Brits Remember Personal Information

The majority of those surveyed stressed that they could not memorize important personal information, with 19% using a paper filing system, 15% on their cell phone, 14% on their computer and 11% on a notepad .

How many of them do you know about yourself?

If you can’t find any of this information for yourself, our checklist suggests where you can get it:


Where to find this

NHS number

Your NHS number is a 10-digit number that appears on any letter you receive from the NHS.

The NHS has a service to find your NHS number:

Find your NHS – NHS number (

Amount in pension pot

Your pension institution should be able to provide you with a statement of your pension investment and a forecast of your expected income when you retire.

If you have lost track of your pensions, you can use the Lost Pensions Trace and Trace service. Search and search for lost pensions (

You can check your state pension forecast on the government website Check your state pension forecast – GOV.UK (

Credit score You can check your credit score with a credit reference agency like Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax.
Blood group

General practitioners do not routinely check a person’s blood type, but it will be checked if you have an operation, are pregnant, or donate an organ.

You Can Also Know Your Blood Type When You Donate Blood Home – NHS Blood Donation

Auto finance balance Your auto finance provider should be able to provide you with an outstanding balance.
Your auto finance provider will also be able to confirm the type of product you have purchased eg PCP, HP or a conditional loan / sale.
Mortgage rate Your mortgage rate should appear on the annual statement your mortgage provider sends you. Your mortgage provider should notify you of any changes to your mortgage rate.
Housing tax bracket

Your housing tax bracket must appear on your annual housing tax statement. If you don’t have it and live in England or Wales, you can use the government tool Check your Council Tax band – GOV.UK (

Scottish residents can use the tool on The Scottish Assessors Scottish Assessors – Scottish Assessors Association website (

Northern Ireland Residents Can Use Tool on NI Direct Website – Fee Calculator | nidirect (

Mortgage balance Your mortgage provider usually sends you an annual statement that should show your outstanding mortgage balance.
NI number You can find your National Insurance Number on payslips, P60s, or letters regarding taxes, pensions, or benefits. If you cannot find it in any correspondence, you can follow the instructions on the government website to find it National Insurance Numbers – GOV.UK (
Credit card balance You can contact your credit card provider to find out your balance. Many credit card providers allow you to sign up to check your credit card statements online.
Proper weight If you don’t have a scale at home, you can ask to be weighed on your next visit to the GP. Many street chemists also have scales that customers can use. These are often more accurate than your own scales.
Savings amount You can contact the bank or the mortgage company where your savings account is held to find out your balance. Most banks or building societies allow you to sign up to check your statements online.
Numberplate If you are far from your car and need your registration number, you can find it on an MOT certificate or on your insurance documents.
Phone number If you forget your mobile number, it should show up in the phone settings.
Your landline number will be displayed on all invoices or statements or on the agreement you signed when setting up the service.
Partners anniversary If you can’t remember your partner’s birthday, putting a reminder on the calendar or on your cell phone might be a good idea!

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