Today’s Best Loan: find the Loan with the lowest installment


Best Online Loan Today: We help you find the cheapest one for you

Best Online Loan Today: We help you find the cheapest one for you

When you are looking for a loan it can become difficult to find your way among the many offers on the loan market. But how do you find the best product ? The solution to find the best loan is to use one of the many online comparators on the network that allow you to compare the various offers of banks and financial companies and to calculate the online loans estimates updated to 2018. In fact, comparing personal loans is the way better to find the amortization plan that best suits your needs and to access credit with a product that stands out due to the flexibility and convenience of managing the amount requested.

However, before comparing multiple personal loan offers, it is necessary to have a clear idea of what it is and above all what are the characteristics of these products.

The best Loans of April 16

The best Loans of April 16

Amount TAN No. of installments Installment APR
$ 2,500 8.55% 60 $ 51.35 8.94%
$ 5,000 8.15% 60 $ 101.74 8.49%
$ 7,500 8.15% 60 $ 152.61 8.49%
$ 10,000 7.03% 60 $ 198.15 7.27%
$ 15,000 6.73% 60 $ 295.11 6.95%
$ 20,000 8.67% 60 $ 411.97 9.03%
$ 25,000 8.67% 60 $ 514.96 9.03%
$ 30,000 8.67% 60 $ 617.96 9.03%
$ 35,000 6.90% 60 $ 720.04 8.96%

Personal loans for the most advantageous liquidity of the moment

For our simulations we have considered the request for a sum equal to 10 thousand USD to be repaid in 84 months. As regards the applicant’s profile, for the simulation we hypothesized that a 40-year-old employee residing in the province of Milan requested the financing.

Based on these data, the most interesting liquidity loan offer to date is the loan from Best bank. Against a loan of 10 thousand USD to be repaid in 84 months, it provides for a monthly installment of 155.36 USD with Tan of 7.90% and a Taeg of 8.30%.

In second place, always considering liquidity loans, we find the offer of Cream bank. the product in question is called Personal Credit and provides for a monthly payment of 155.61 USD with Tan and Taeg fixed at 7.95% and 8.33% respectively.

Better car financing and renovation

Turning to auto loans, the most interesting offer is that of Astro Finance which with Credito Auto offers an installment of 144.89 USD. Tan and Taeg are fixed at 5.75% and 5.90% respectively.

Also interesting is the proposal by Best bank which also in this case is among the most advantageous loan solutions with the loan. The monthly installment to be paid, for a loan of 10 thousand USD with repayment in 84 months, is 145.13 USD. Tan and Taeg are fixed at 5.80% and 6.07% respectively.

Finally, we find online loans for restructuring. In this case the most interesting offers are those of Astro Finance and Cream bank. In the first case, the product under consideration is Credito Works and provides for a monthly payment of 143.23 USD. Tan and Taeg are fixed at 5.40% and 5.54% respectively.

Cream bank instead offers Personal Credit with a monthly payment of 143.46 USD. The rate (Tan) is fixed at 5.45% while the Taeg stands at 5.67%.

The most affordable loans of 2018

The most affordable loans of 2018

Let’s see some of the best offers among those on the market.

To begin with, we can introduce the characteristics of the small social security loan ex government agency, which allows access to a maximum amount equal to eight monthly salaries, with an amortization plan that can go from 12 to 48 months.

The loan in question is characterized by a fixed rate for the entire repayment plan and corresponding to 4.25%. The administrative burden of 0.50% of the loan requested is also to be considered.

The application must be submitted electronically. In this regard, civil servants must contact the Administration they belong to while an online application service has been set up for pensioners.

Best Astro Finance loan

Comparing personal loans also means considering the characteristics of the non-finalized loans of Astro Finance, a finance company that allows you to request certain amounts of money directly online, saving time, all thanks to the advantage of the digital signature.

To get a clear idea of ​​personal loans in comparison, it is essential to go into detail on the characteristics of the non-finalized loans of Astro Finance, first of all remembering that this company allows you to request up to $ 60,000. Amounts that must be repaid with an amortization plan that extends for a maximum of 120 months.

Those interested in Astro Finance loans also have the opportunity to view the online quote comfortably, by entering data regarding the amount to be accessed directly on the home page of the site. In this way, comparing personal loans is very simple.

To better understand how the product works, let’s take a specific example. Let’s assume the request of $ 10,000 to be repaid with an amortization plan that extends for 84 months. as regards the purpose of the loan, we have chosen the item “various projects”.

In this case, a monthly payment of $ 148.20 would be charged to the holder of the loan agreement. TAN and APR are fixed and respectively equal to 6.43% and 6.63%.

The application for funding can be made directly online. And thanks to the use of the Digital Signature services, it is not necessary to print any document.

Best Capital Lender loan

Dedicating to personal loans in comparison also means analyzing the proposals of the various lenders, among which it is possible to remember Capital Lender with the Credit Express Mini product. The perfect solution for those who want to request small amounts.

This loan allows you to access credit by requesting amounts ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000, repayable with an amortization plan of between 18 and 36 months.

Characterized by a fixed rate for the entire duration of the loan, this loan provides an insurance policy whose size varies according to the profession of those requesting access to credit (starting from 0.13 and reaching 0.15% of the required amount).

As regards interest rates, Capital Lender’s Credit Express Mini provides an interest rate (Tan) fixed at 9.60%, regardless of the amount granted and the duration of the amortization plan. The Taeg instead can reach a maximum of 16.82%.

Again we offer you an example of a loan. Let’s assume a 2300 USD request, to be repaid with an amortization plan that extends for 24 months. Under these conditions, a monthly installment of 105.71 USD is envisaged.

The Tan is fixed at 9.60% while the Taeg stands at 12.18%. As for the costs applied to the loan. The investigation costs are equal to 23 USD, while the stamp duty applied on the contract is 16 USD.

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