Vegas woman doesn’t feel safe at the gym


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – At the grocery store or in the office, we are all required to wear a mask indoors. But a woman from the valley says not everyone follows the rules. 13 Action News anchor Tricia Kean talks to a resident who says she doesn’t feel safe and that it’s a problem that is costing her money.


“They’re just going about their business. No mask. I thought it was crazy,” says Anne Miller.

She says no one wears a mask in their gym. She shared a video at the Las Vegas Athletic Club located near Eastern Avenue and Interstate 215.


She claims it is the same problem in all LVAC sites. She complained to management but said it didn’t help.

“I asked them if it was mandatory to wear a mask and they said yes… I said but nobody wears a mask in the gym. He says, oh, there is nothing I can do about it,” Miller says.


She says she quit going to the gym.

“I didn’t go because of what’s going on. If the government does a mask warrant, we’re supposed to follow the rules… I’m done with them,” Miller said.


There is only one catch. Like all the other members, Miller signed a contract and says LVAC will not let her override its agreement.

“If I went to the gym, of course I’ll pay for a service. But why pay for something you don’t use? Miller said.

13 Action News contacted the head office of LVAC. But no one there was willing to talk to us about this issue.


So we wanted to know if Miller had the legal right to stop paying LVAC?

“Essentially, she gets what she agreed to. She has access to the club. The club does not violate the contract,” said attorney Peter Aldous of the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

He admits that LVAC is obligated to provide a healthy place to exercise. Miller could therefore try to argue in court that the gymnasium has failed to provide a healthy environment.


But she also risks LVAC taking its own legal action.

“She is absolutely at risk of being sent for collection… She is very likely to get derogatory information on her credit report if she does not make payments under the contract,” says Aldous.


Miller can also file two different complaints. Complain to the city or county where the business is located, claiming that guests or customers are not wearing masks. Another complaint can be filed with OSHA.

“OSHA is responsible for the safety of workers. We therefore have a responsibility to apply the governor’s directives regarding COVID-19, especially for employees, ”said Victoria Carreon of the Industrial Relations Division of OSHA.


She says employees are required to wear masks indoors, including in gyms.

“We currently have two inspections open at gymnasiums in Clark County,” Carreon said.

But OSHA was unable to provide any information on the facilities under investigation.

As for Miller, she says she’s not giving up and plans to file those complaints with OSHA and the county.


“I signed a contract based on: the installation follows government mandates. Hoping that when I go to the gym and work out, everyone follows the rules. It wasn’t, ”Miller says.

Businesses that violate the mask mandate are usually notified and, if necessary, can be fined.

If customers do not wear masks in a business, file a complaint with the city where it is located or Clark County. If an employee does not wear masks in a company, then file a complaint with OSHA.

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